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Solar PV Panel Installation.
The popularity of solar panels in the UK has increased substantially over the last few years. High electricity and gas prices together with rising concern over environmental issues has led many people to look at various ways to save money by generating their own electricity or heating their own water using the power of the sun as a free source of energy.

Taylor's of Spilsby are certified by the MCS to install solar PV panels which will generate electricity for use in your property, to be exported to the grid, or to be stored in solar batteries.
A Complete Solar PV Installation Service
By installing solar panels you can benefit from free electricity generated by the sun. If your house has an unobstructed south facing roof you will get the best results from your solar installation, although roofs facing in other directions can be used with various panels generating electricity throughout the day. Any excess electricity will either be fed back to the grid or stored in solar batteries.

We offer a free solar panel survey to ensure that your property is suitable for a system which will work to the best effect throughout the day. An installation limited to less than 3.68kW will only need a notification to the property’s DNO (Distribution Network Operator) In central and southern Lincolnshire, the DNO is National Grid whereas in northern Lincolnshire it is Northern Powergrid. Installations over 3.68kW will need a G99 application to the DNO to ensure that the proposed system can be fitted without affecting the local power network. This G99 application can take 30-40 days and we can only proceed with installation following permission from the DNO. A smaller system of 3.68Kw or below is therefore much quicker to schedule.

Taylor's take all the worry out of your solar installation. From your free solar survey through planning, installation and setting up and testing the system. We will take care of any paperwork and ensure you are kept informed of progress at all stages.

As we are registered MCS installers, you can have confidence that we will work to the highest standards.

One of Lincolnshire’s most respected names in Solar PV installation.
Please use the form below to book your free Solar PV survey. We will then contact you to discuss your requirements and arrange a surveyor visit.

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