Kerosene, also know as heating oil or paraffin, 28 second oil, fuel oil and lamp oil, is the most common heating fuel for homes not connected to the main gas network within the UK. It is an extremely versatile oil with many uses.

Kerosene is a non-corrosive fuel, meaning it is far less dangerous than other types of fuel and can be stored for very long lengths of time. There are a number of ways to ensure it is kept in good condition - see Oil Tanks.

Kerosene oil often has a coloured dye added to help identify it.

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Did you know..."

"Home heating oil is completely safe – it cannot be set on fire with a match – if you drop a lit match into your oil tank it will simply be extinguished. In liquid form, it is non-explosive and can’t mix with the air to become explosive. In order to ignite, it needs to be vaporised which is the job of your oil boiler."

"Using home heating oil to keep your home warm has very few emissions, making it a cleaner fuel to use for heating. With newer heating systems, this emissions level is nearing zero. Home heating oil also produces the hottest flame of any home fuel source, making it the most efficient method for heating your house quickly."