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What sort of house do you have?
This helps create a base for your estimate determined by the required output for the Heat Pump
When was it built approximately?
A broad idea on the type of construction of your property
Do you have insulation in your roofspace?
Helps us determine the heat is lost through your roof
Are your Windows double glazed?
Heat can also be lost through your windows
Are your external walls insulated?
How much heat may be lost through your walls
How many Bedrooms do you have?
Again, to help the estimate accuracy
What type of heating do you have?
Your Estimate
Based upon the details you entered, we estimate that a Heat Pump install could cost within the following range
Lowest estimated priceHighest estimated price
Between ~
Less Government GrantLess Government Grant
- £5000 - £5000
We estimate you will pay between ~
VAT @ 0% for Renewables£0.00 £0.00

This includes an Air Source Heat Pump installed at your property and connected into your existing system. A new Unvented Hot Water Cylinder will be installed which will give you mains cold pressure on your hot water.

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