Please find below a number of FAQs which we have compiled to help you determine the best course of action with your boiler.

In all cases, you are still welcome to contact us directly.

Lockout indicator on

Check oil level in tank- press lockout button on boiler no more than twice.

No lights on boiler

Check programmer and thermostats are calling for heat.

How often does my boiler need servicing?

It is strongly recommended that you have your oil boiler serviced once a year. This helps ensure that your boiler operates at its most efficient.

What do I do if I have an oil leak?

Oil leaks are unlikely if you have your boiler serviced on an annual basis. However, if you do notice that there is an oil leak from your oil tank, contact us as soon as you can to help minimise the leak.

If the leak is from your boiler, then use a non-plastic container under the 'drip' and contact us.